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January 12, 2023

Virginia Paving Updates Look Among Rebrand

Virgina Paving modernizes their look in 2023 to align with parent company Vinci Construction.

Virginia Paving (VP), a leading asphalt pavement manufacturer and paving contractor in North Central Texas, unveiled its new logomark today. Virginia Paving’s parent company, Vinci Construction, prompted the move with their own exciting rebranding taking place two years in the making.

This new logomark is designed to illustrate that Virginia Paving is more than a team player, but also eager to grow with the changes in the construction industry. The company’s strength has always been based in teamwork – specifically a global network of 330 agencies and over 770 production sites managed by Vinci Construction.

“I greatly believe that we can benefit immensely from the Vinci Construction brand.” said Alan Cahill, CEO & President, Vinci Construction USA. “By doing our part, we further strengthen the brand in the US and through our various markets.”

VP’s look has been upgraded, but the work they do continues to play a role in growing our local communities and improving our shared infrastructure.

Visit Virginia Paving’s website and social media channels to explore how the new look will be implemented around their operations.

About Virginia Paving

Virginia Paving is a leading heavy construction and roadway paving company, proudly serving the North Central Texas region through the construction and maintenance of highways, airports, raceways, and transport infrastructure. The company has served its communities by building state-of-the-art roads, bridges, railways, and commercial centers for over 100 years. Every decision we make is driven by our mission for excellence in the construction industry. We are committed to delivering professionally executed projects on time, on budget, and engineered to provide maximum value to our clients. To learn more, visit