Asphalt Plant Locations


Virginia Paving Company is a premier asphalt manufacturer and paving contractor operating from four branch offices throughout the state of Virginia.

Our teams are capable of producing and delivering large quantities of the highest-quality asphalt on the market, to project sites across the region. Our paving portfolio includes many of the largest and most influential DOT paving and resurfacing contracts in the state of Virginia, as well as hundreds of privately funded subdivisions, government contracts, and all manner of projects between.

Asphalt Production

Virginia Paving Company is an expert manufacturer of high-quality asphalt materials used for paving roadways, ports of entry, and all manner of projects.

Roadway Paving

Virginia Paving Company is proud to be known as Virginia’s preferred roadway paving company.


Our paving teams are experienced in the logistical and technical challenges that characterize airport paving projects, and have helped maintain the region’s most heavily used airports.


Our paving teams enjoy long-standing business partnerships with the authorities responsible for managing our state’s numerous ports of entry.