Asphalt Plant Locations

Asphalt Production

Virginia Paving Company manufactures high-quality asphalt in seven award-winning plant facilities strategically located throughout the state.

Each of our facilities is independently managed by highly-qualified supervisors and support staff to ensure a localized approach to conducting business. The production portion of our business is structured to provide outstanding customer service through face-to-face interactions. Unlike many other producers, Virginia Paving Company can guarantee fewer product shortages and complete control over quality, allowing us to save our clients time and money.

At Virginia Paving Company, we use warm mix whenever possible. This relatively new technology enables plants to produce asphalt at 50-100 degree lower temperatures than conventional asphalt. As a result, less energy (fuel) is needed to produce it which results in fewer emissions. Additionally, warm-mix asphalt provides paving benefits such as better compaction, lower paving temperatures, longer haul distances, and the use of more recycled content in the mix.

Hot mix asphalt is the paving material of choice for numerous applications. At Virginia Paving Company, we’ve used it to construct heavy duty pavements on interstate highways (I-495 and I-95), on runways at airports (Washington Dulles International Airport and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport), and on bridges and interchangers (Woodrow Wilson Bridge and Springfield Interchange). It also serves other purposes such as liners for drinking water reservoirs and fish hatcheries. Hot mix asphalt is also used as the paving material for parking lots and driveways and it is used on playgrounds, tennis courts, hiking/bike trails, and golf course paths.

Virginia Paving Company is consistently recognized by statewide construction and environmental groups for its outstanding commitment to safety, the environment, and local communities. Our plant operations continuously receive Diamond Commendations from the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), which outline best practices for asphalt plant operations, terminal operations, asphalt production, and paving.

Virginia Paving Company uses its asphalt manufacturing plants to serve our project needs and the needs of other paving companies in the region. Our asphalt mixes meet all VDOT specifications and are always available at a competitive industry rate.