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Virginia Paving Company

Virginia Paving Company is one of the premier transportation construction and paving companies in Virginia, playing a leading role in the construction and maintenance of the state’s highways, bridges, and airports.

We are proud to serve our region by delivering high-quality asphalt materials and paving services for the construction and maintenance of transportation systems, commercial projects, and residential developments.

From top to bottom, our company is formed by experts who have dedicated their careers to the asphalt and paving industry. The men and women of Virginia Paving Company uphold our organization’s commitment to serving local communities through projects that improve the lives of citizen every day. We operate out of seven state-of-the-art asphalt production facilities, creating the highest-quality material to ensure our projects will continue to last for future generations.

Virginia Paving Company has been directly involved with many of Virginia’s most heavily trafficked public roadways, including the 495 Express Lanes, the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel, and the Dulles Toll Road. We also take on dozens of private contracts every year in both residential and commercial areas, which contribute to our region’s economic growth.

We are excited to be a leader in our region’s future. As we continue to move forward into this new century, our company is guided by a framework of sound business disciplines, teamwork, and shared set of values. Our vision is to build upon our reputation of integrity and commitment to excellence as we strive to be Virginia’s asphalt contractor of choice.

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From The News Room

Virginia Paving Engineer Scott Martinez is an integral member of our Alexandria paving team. In his role, he tasked with new challenges each day that requires him and his team to react quickly and responsibly. This, according to Scott, is both the challenge and the joy of our industry. He talks about the pride that comes from working with like-minded individuals to successfully build projects from the ground up.

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At Virginia Paving Company, our success depends entirely on the dedicated men and women that make up our team.

"We’re proud of our culture of investment that promotes advancement through the ranks of our company."