Asphalt Plant Locations

The Way We Work

Virginia Paving Company is proud to be part of the VINCI Construction USA network of companies, one of the United States’ leading transport infrastructure and urban development companies.

The operations at Virginia Paving Company benefit from a shared network of subsidiary companies located along the East Coast of the United States, from Maine to Florida and as far west as Texas. Each regional and local structure retains its commercial and operational autonomy.

This corporate structure enables Virginia Paving Company to be responsive to local contracting needs in Virginia, while also benefiting from a vast depth of resources.

Virginia Paving Company operates according to a set of principles shared by VINCI Construction USA Subsidiaries throughout the world.
These principles inform every aspect of our organization’s approach to business to guarantee overall performance and profitability.

Virginia Paving Company considers the safety of its employees, and the general public, to be a matter of utmost importance. We believe that a strong safety record is essential to providing a healthy and safe environment for all employees.

Our team works together to maintain our goal of eliminating all jobsite injuries and accidents. Our employees follow all safety requirements, report all unsafe behaviors and conditions, and together keep a vigilant watch on the safety of their fellow coworkers.

At Virginia Paving Company, our outstanding reputation is reliant on our commitment to delivering the highest-quality products and services possible. From the hot mix that comes out of our seven asphalt plants, to the surfaces we pave: we hold our teams to the same standards of excellence that we are held to by our customers and the travelling public. Our signature on a contract is a guarantee of the absolute best quality of services and products on the market.

Innovation is one of the pillars that Virginia Paving Company is built upon. As a producer of hot mix asphalt and paver of major public roadways, the work we do has the potential to influence our environment and communities. Our priority is ensuring that our influence remains positive by developing new technologies and finding innovative solutions to the challenges faced by our local communities and beyond.

Virginia Paving Company is committed to operating and conducting business in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. This responsibility of environmental stewardship rests with every level of the company, from management to trade workers and everyone in between.

We uphold our environmental commitment through several standard processes, including using recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) as much as possible, producing Warm Mix to reduce emissions, recycling asphalt shingles to make mix whenever possible, and many others.

Our company is committed to delivering professionally executed projects on time, on budget, and engineered to provide maximum value to our clients. This goal has led Virginia Paving Company to maintain long-term, fruitful partnerships with numerous developers throughout the state. We look forward to continuing to grow our business by exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Virginia Paving Company donates time and resources to community-focused and educational organizations and charities throughout Northern Virginia, the Stafford County/Fredericksburg area, and Hampton Roads. Our employees have long-standing connections with dozens of organizations, events, and programs including Friends of the Rappahannock, March of Dimes, Adopt-a-classroom, and dozens of others. Whether we’re helping to clean-up rivers or distributing food to families in need, community groups have come to rely on the generosity and reliability of Virginia Paving Company employees.

The products and services offered by Virginia Paving Company are made to last. The durability of our work goes together with our goal of continued success in the future. We honor our company’s past, but remain focused on growing our business so that future generations of Americans may benefit from our work—through employment opportunities, infrastructure improvement, and ongoing community partnerships. Virginia Paving Company is optimistic for a future in which our teams continue to play a part with beneficial roadway projects and ever-improving practices.